The Story,

In the mid-1700’s, at an early age, Samuel Weatherhead ran away from his home of the parish of St. Philip, Barbados, and took passage on a merchant ship sailing for England. En route, pirates seized the ship! Refusing to join the pirate crew, Samuel, ended up marooned with provisions on a small island. Luck continued in his favour, however, and he was shortly rescued by a ship in the lumber trade bound for Quebec. Deciding to stay in Canada, Samuel Weatherhead established a depot controlling the trade from the Rideau River into the Perth Basin. As the economy grew, Tow Paths were constructed along the Tay Canal banks so horses could pull boats, such as Samuel’s own flat bottom barge, the “Waterwitch”, up and down the Canal. Then, in 1888, a King Post Swing Bridge was engineered over the Tay River, along with the House of the BridgeMaster, which is the lone surviving Bridge of its time. From where Weatherhead is located, the Tow Path, BridgeMaster’s House and Swing Bridge can be admired from our very own patio.

Located in one of Lanark County’s most historic towns, heritage Perth, the brewery is situated in the beautifully renovated old Wampole factory (known for beginning their pharmaceutical business 100 years ago by selling cold liver oil and grape salts), the very last Wampole building still standing.


Our Story, 

When we launched this business venture we designed our brewery’s culture, vibe and recipes to reflect Weatherhead’s tenacious spirit and highlight our proud (UNESCO) Heritage that will inspire your adventurous thirst.

We are a small team in a small community brought together by a passion for beer and commitment to building business, growth and community in the vibrant Town of Perth, Ontario. 


Contact us for general information, event bookings and inquiries. 613 201 BEER (2337).